Getting your yard ready for winter is an important part of maintaining it’s health. Kili Landscapes offers a number of fall clean up services. Even though leaf removal is an important part of your fall clean up there is always more to do.

Services we offer:

Our Kili crew will rake all the leaves, fallen branches and clean debris off to tidy up your whole property. Hauling away is automaticly done by us but we also recommend to compost your organic material and debris.


Aerating your lawn, also known as “core aeration”, is the process of puncturing holes or pockets into the grass and soil. Grass roots need air, water and nutrients to grow thick, deep and strong.
You can tell your lawn is in need of aeration if the soil has become thickly compressed or rainwater puddles up where it used to be absorbed.


When to aerate your lawn?

Aeration performed once or twice per year significantly reduces thatch and improves lawn growth. For cool season grass, early fall or early spring are the best times for aerating. Never aerate overly wet lawns.

Benefits of aeration

  • Loosens the soil, giving roots more room to grow properly
  • Prepares grass for green spring and winter dormancy
  • Reduces puddling problems and water runn offs
  • Aerated lawns are less susceptible to disease and thatch buildup


Pruning and Trimming

Fall is a good time to lightly prune and shape your shrubs and bushes. Overgrown areas and dead limbs should be removed prior the winter season.


Last Mowing

Trimming along the edges and mowing is professionaly done to cutting height 2 1/2″ – 3″. You do not want your lawn any higher then 3″ before the winter time.



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