Stay warm this winter and let KILI LANDSCAPES take care of you!


Kili Landscapes takes pride in providing outstanding quality and convenient snow clearing services to Grande Prairie businesses and residents. Snow clearing and other winter services will be customized to fit your particular needs. From single family residences to large commercial parking lots we have the experience and equipment to make your winter as safe and enjoyable as possible.
We are monitoring the weather 24/7 to make sure that your property is being taken care of.



Are you unable to shovel your driveway, going on holidays, or simply don’t have the time to give your driveway the care it needs? Kili Landscapes offers unlimited snow clearing for a fixed monthly rate. Whether it snows a lot or a little, we will make sure that your driveway stays clear. That means if it snows for 30 days/month, we will make 30 visits and clear the snow 30 times. Trigger limit: 2.5 cm.

Ask as about ice & compacted snow chipping as well!



Kili Landscapes provides parking lots and sidewalks snow clearing with 24/7 monitoring and site management.
Sidewalks will be consistently cleared of snow, and if necessary, an environmentally friendly ice melt product will be applied to help prevent any injuries, slips or slides. Daily checks will be conducted by our staff, and no minimum amount of snow is necessary.
We understand that your employees, customers and their safety is of the utmost importance.
Our experienced skid steer operator will make sure that snow in your parking lot will be cleared by 6:00 AM and piled in designated areas. Trigger limit: 5 cm.



Whether it’s freezing rain, freezing/thawing temperatures or vehicle traffic, ice builds up. Kili Landscapes can apply ice rock to achieve great traction on the parking lot or environmentally friendly ice melt over any icy surface and increase safety for your staff & clientele.



When will my driveway be cleared?

Kili Landscapes services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our start times are based on when the snow falls. For example if it snows overnight till 6am, we start clearing the snow right away to make sure that your property will be cleared as soon as possible. If the end of the snow fall is at 3pm, we make sure that the snow will be cleared by 3pm the next day at the latest.

Am I locked into a contract (residential services)?

No you are not. Even though we book full-season customers, you will not be locked into the contract. Request the cancellation at least 24 hours before the following month and your contract will be cancelled without penalty. If you wish to cancel your current month subscription, it will not result in any refund.

Will I receive a refund if it hasn’t snowed this month/year?

No. Our service price is based on average snowfall of previous years. Some months snows a lot and some months snows a little. Think about it like a snow insurance. It’s in place when you need it. The price is the same even if it snows every day.

Some spots were missed. What should I do?

Simply call 780-876-5454 and inform us that we missed a spot. We will make sure that it won’t happen again. Communication with our office is important and you can call at any time.

I have a car in the driveway. Will you knock on the door so I can move it?

We will not knock on your door or wait till you move your car. The Kili crew will work around your vehicle in a safe way and clear as much snow as we possibly can.


If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call at 780-876-5454 and we will be happy to give you more information