While our overnight lows are still dropping into freezing temperatures, the sunlight hours are beginning to get longer with each passing day.  It is important to make sure your lawn and landscaping are taken care of.

Spring is the best time of the year to schedule yard clean-up services. Kili spring clean-up services will prepare your property for the summer ahead!
Dethatching, aerating and fertilizing your turf can help it perform its very best all season long. We can edge your lawn and beds, clean up the leaves and debris or clean your gutters.

Services we offer:


Aerating your lawn, also known as “core aeration”, is the process of puncturing holes or pockets into the grass and soil. Grass roots need air, water and nutrients to grow thick, deep and strong.
You can tell your lawn is in need of aeration if the soil has become thickly compressed or rainwater puddles up where it used to be absorbed.


When to aerate your lawn?

Aeration performed once or twice per year significantly reduces thatch and improves lawn growth. For cool season grass, early fall or early spring are the best times for aerating. Never aerate overly wet lawns.

Benefits of aeration

  • Loosens the soil, giving roots more room to grow properly
  • Prepares grass for green spring and winter dormancy
  • Reduces puddling problems and water runn offs
  • Aerated lawns are less susceptible to disease and thatch buildup


Dethatching or Power Raking

Dethatching or power raking is a process of removing “thatch” from your lawn. Thatch, layer of organic debris, is a mix of dead or decomposing grass material that usually accumulates over the winter season.
While small amounts of thatch can actually help your lawn, layers of thatch that exceed 1/2 inch can cause serious problems. Thick thatch layer also provides a breeding ground for unwanted diseases and insects.

When to dethatch your lawn?

It is best to remove thatch from your lawn in the early spring when the grass is dormant. In Grande Prairie, this means April/early May or late September/early October.

Benefits of dethatching

  • Proper access to water and sunlight to grassroots
  • Healthy growth of grass
  • Removal of thatch prevents fungal and bacterial diseases
  • Fertilizer and nutrients can access to the soil
  • Smooth surface and growth of the grass


Other spring clean up services:

Cleaning garden beds

After winter months, your garden will be covered with loose debris, mulch, dead plants, weeds and maybe even poop from your pets. Kili crew will clean it for you. We can also trim your shrubs or bushes, remove dead branches and dead leaves from beneath it.



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